Inspiration and Thoughtfulness






  These are so motivating for me. At the least it gives me a different perspective on my life,journey and ultimately the path I have chosen to take. Even though I am feeling unwell,I am going to focus on moving forward,acceptance,and self love.  Today I will get back to chanting the Gayatri mantra. It is the first mantra I learned several years ago. Over the last few months I have truly slacked off due to depression and stress. I have learned many Buddhist, andHindu mantras through the years. I figured something out only recently…I need to focus on one thing at a time. So I’m devoted to chanting the Gayatri mantra for the next 6 months. After that maybe I will chant the Moola,Shiva,Ganesh or maybe even the Lotus sutra. For now I will simplify my journey, both spiritual and physical.

   Also, I’ve decided to return to veganism. I will do baby steps. Being a vegetarian is easy for me. So I will resume that path and step by step eliminate dairy. Especially since dairy and pcos doesn’t get along well. I know this will be a struggle for me ultimately because my boyfriend enjoys the S.A.D. lifestyle. In many ways us living together has been my downfall as far as my health is concerned. I will do my best regardless.

About Dezzie

I'm a pretty down to earth person. Most see me as a hippy:) I enjoy gardening,reading,writing,and painting. I love animals and being outside in nature. I love stargazing and enjoy dancing in the rain. I'm deeply spiritual,very eclectic,and enjoy meeting new people. I created this blog as a way to write about my journey and to connect with others whom have similar paths. I am currently in the process of becoming vegan,trying to heal my pcos,finding myself,starting over, and ultimately raising my consciousness. I decided recently I truly want to live. So I'm taking the steps to become and be the person I desire to be. I'm working on loving me and letting go of my past.

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