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This Journey of Mine




 Where to begin…hmmm…well lately I have been the happiest I’ve been in my whole life, then I was thrown a beautiful curve ball. Needless to say this curve ball was packaged nicely for me. I fell briefly for this curve ball . I thought to myself , this is it, this is what I have desired since childhood . Well, this beautiful curve ball was just my test to see if I had truly grown . I admit I started out strongly, resisting and believing it all a beautiful lie, but somewhere in the middle I began to believe. So after sometime, I found myself very sad that I didn’t see things for what they were. Why did I fall for something that was so blatantly temporary? This is what I’ve been asking myself for 3 days now. The sadness has gone now, and it’s been replaced with determination . It was a lesson I needed to learn . So as I move forward with the knowledge of this situation , I feel stronger and even empowered . I even find humor in it all . So as I continue to move forward and pursue my dreams I will be ever aware of the possibilities of revisiting this test .