New Year, New Plans


Happy New Year’s! This is the start of a new journey for me. For the past few months I’ve been making changes and now I’m ready to dive into life. Last year was riddled with all sorts of health problems and heartache. I’m finally feeling much better. I completely changed my diet to a ketogenic plan. I’ve managed to lose weight and ultimately I have been feeling loads better.  I also decided to open an Etsy shop. I’ll be selling amigurumi items, blankets, and etc. I have loads of free time now, so I figured I’d use it doing something I enjoy. I will be posting regularly again due to me being home mainly. So expect regular updates. Thank you all for following my journey!


About Dezzie

I'm a pretty down to earth person. Most see me as a hippy:) I enjoy gardening,reading,writing,and painting. I love animals and being outside in nature. I love stargazing and enjoy dancing in the rain. I'm deeply spiritual,very eclectic,and enjoy meeting new people. I created this blog as a way to write about my journey and to connect with others whom have similar paths. I am currently in the process of becoming vegan,trying to heal my pcos,finding myself,starting over, and ultimately raising my consciousness. I decided recently I truly want to live. So I'm taking the steps to become and be the person I desire to be. I'm working on loving me and letting go of my past.

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