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Week 1 Juice Fast Updates


Day 1, Feeling a little tired, and I’ve been living in the bathroom. I didn’t know I had so much fluid on me. Other than that, feeling fine. No cravings yet.

Day 2, Feeling oddly light. No cravings and I noticed today that the smell of food made me feel somewhat nauseous. Feeling pretty good today. I even did an hour of Zumba.

Day 3, Feeling amazing. I have so much energy it’s crazy. I’ve been bouncing off the walls. I spent most of the day outside running around with my pups. I don’t feel any hunger pains and still no cravings. I’m thinking I can accomplish a 100 day fast versus my 90 day fast plan. There’s no stopping me now.

Day 4 of my now increased 100 day juice fast…Whoot. I feel absolutely amazing and I’m down 11 lbs so far. YaY…and I did zumba today, no aches, no pain just feeling AWESOME!! — feeling perfect.

Day 5, I have zero appetite, no cravings, and energy. I’ve never had a point in my life where I didn’t want food, but now the appeal is lost to me. I’m currently forcing myself to drink more juice, because now there is no hunger. This process has caused me to reflect more deeply on so many things . So I’m grateful for this journey. I know my body is even more so grateful. — feeling peaceful.

Day 6, still no appetite, and feeling great.I think I might have fractured a toe, not sure how though. I made a pain elixir from 1 lemon, garlic,and ginger. After 30 minutes my foot completely stopped hurting , so I did my usual workout. Beware, this juice concoction tastes horrid, but it’s great for pain. I drunk about an ounce. Other than that I’ve had nothing but water. I’m down an amazing 15 lbs total. I can now fit into my old jeans comfortably without unbuttoning them:) Also notice my face is looking slimmer, and my skin is glowing. — feeling super.

Day 7, still no appetite and lots of energy. I also noticed my hearing and vision has improved. Everything seemed loud today…lol. So by the end of this fast I will need new glasses, and new clothes. I’m feeling great. Today I drunk water with lemon only. I had one craving and that was for a kale salad…lol. It went away after my walk though. So I’m still going strong and no looking back. Feeling amazing and blessed. — feeling amazing.