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Last year was a crazy year for me. So I’ll start from where I left off. My lifestyle changes has basically reversed pcos. I rarely have symptoms at all. I’ve lost over a 147lbs and I’m feeling great. I am still following a keto lifestyle, because it has worked great for my pcos issues. So health wise I’m in great shape.

This past June, I discovered my fiancĂ© was having an affair with his best friend’s wife. Needless to say I was extremely hurt and angry. He decided to tell me on our 7 yr anniversary. It didn’t go well. I kicked him out of my home, took back the mobile phone I bought him and changed my locks. The first few weeks was a struggle because I hadn’t lived alone in many years. Plus, he called incessantly wanting to work things out. I ultimately decided I was better off alone. So instead of dealing with his foolishness, I went back to university. I’m working towards a degree in laboratory science. It’s a major change for me. I’m doing great in university though. I have realized I can achieve anything as long as I believe in myself. I’m an A student and to my amazement I’m getting married next month to an amazing man. He literally swept me off my feet. Funny thing is I was so anti-relationships, and was actually enjoying dating. He didn’t take no for an answer. He told me on our first date I’m his future wife. I laughed and dismissed it as a joke. However, he was very serious. Once I started dating him, I stopped dating others. He is a very determined man lol. I’m happily in love. My family adores him and he fits in well. We have started building a life together the past few months and we’re both going through a transformation of sorts. So my life is going well and I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been.

Thank you all for all of your support, prayers and emails. To those who are going through hard times, don’t give up, believe in yourself, trust your instincts and continue moving forward no matter what obstacles may come.



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I always pass by these plants, in which my mother calls them blood of Jesus flowers. However, after some research I know for sure that’s not the appropriate name. The reason I’m sharing this information is because I had an awakening moment. These flowers are succulents. I noticed several had been pulled out the bunch and scattered on the ground here and there. Well needless to say, these plants thrived. They took up root and begin to flourish on there own. Most plants die in the same scenario. I found it fascinating. Though something seemingly tragic had happened, to them it was nothing more than an opportunity for a new beginning and creation. Lao Tzu said “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” This flower embodies that quote to me. It didn’t choose to be separated, yet it accepted it and thrived. It created a new identity. We too, should be as this flower. Why hold onto an old identity or way of thinking when growth,new possibilities and ultimately adventure awaits us? Accept the things in which you cannot change. Go with the flow of life. You never see a tree crying because it’s raining. Instead the tree embraces whatever comes because it know’s that a new season will come. Life is evolution. We are in constant change. Our problems come because we fear the very changes that could open new and wonderful opportunities to us. So this post is about acceptance, and awareness. Be as a succulent, embrace the new and unknown. Enjoy the journey!!

Love and Blessings,